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Friday, April 11, 2014

Nashville Food Friday: Seoul Garden

A review of Korean BBQ at Seoul Garden in Nashville Tennessee
A couple of weeks ago Steve and I went out for dinner to celebrate my friend Aubrey's birthday (Aubrey has a fabulous blog- you should totally check it out!). Aubrey and I are both very into food and we love trying new things and eating at old favorites. We decided that a cook-your-own Korean BBQ feast at Seoul Garden would be perfect for a birthday double-date!
A review of Korean BBQ at Seoul Garden in Nashville Tennessee
Located just off of Nolensville Road, Seoul Garden might be the only place in town where you can grill your own meat at the table. There are about 4-5 tables that have the cook-top (you can make a reservation- just not the day-of to reserve one of these special tables). The inside decor is clean and simple, with hints of Korean culture. While you dine two large screen TVs show Korean pop sensations and their fabulously elaborate dance routines. While the place is clean and the service is prompt, do not expect the waitresses to be overly nice. The service was fine, but I had a feeing that our server just didn't want to deal with us.
Steamed beef dumplings at Seoul Garden in Nashville Tennessee
To start, we had the steamed beef dumplings. The dough was really light and thin and they were steamed perfectly, not allowing them to get overly sticky or soggy. The filling was what you typically find in dumplings, as was the dipping sauce. Overall I really liked these and I would definitely order them again.
Galbi beef ribs at Seoul Garden in Nashville Tennessee
The way the BBQ menu works is that you select from a variety of uncooked marinated meats that are brought to your table. A sweet old man (called grandpa by the staff) brought out hot coals and started our fire. It was really cute to see how the staff fussed over him; it was clear that they did not want him to be working so hard, especially with hot coals. The first meat we ordered was my favorite: the Galbi marinated beef rib. The meat was thinly sliced and clearly marinated for a very long time. This cut soaked up all the flavor and everything was super tender. I honestly could not get enough of this stuff. My favorite part was when you got down to the rib bones and you can just suck off all the flavor.
Pork Bulgolgi at Seoul Garden in Nashville Tennessee
Our second meat entree was the spicy pork bulgolgi. The meat was bright red from all the spices it soaked up during is long marinating period. The meat was very tender and cooked fairly quickly, and was spicy but not to the point of pain. I loved the flavor of the spicy pork and I was happy that it was significantly different from the rib meat.
BBQ Tables at Seoul Garden in Nashville Tennessee
As for cooking, you just place the thin pieces of meat over the grill in the center of the table. You can kind of see when it is getting done and you just flip it over. The staff watches you and comes around to make sure you are doing it right. Although they do this sometimes, they don't do it all the time, so you should be proactive about not burning your meat. Once the meat is cooked you use a food scissor to cut it up into bite size pieces and you can leave it around the edge of the grill to stay warm. If you want to use one of these tables, there is a minimum of two meat entrees per table.
Banchan  at Seoul Garden in Nashville Tennessee
As with any Korean meal, I always enjoy the banchan! Seoul garden offered a nice variety including the traditional kimchi, spouts and daikon as well as mushrooms, eggs, tofu and spinach. I really enjoyed the flavor of the eggs, especially the yolk when it soaked up the marinade. The tofu was kind of meh, being an odd taste and texture to be served cold. The only thing I missed from this assortment was some kind of dried fish.

Overall, I really enjoyed Seoul Garden. If you are looking for a fun creative dinner where you can go with a bunch of friends, you should really consider getting a BBQ table and sharing a meat feast!

PS: Happy Birthday Aubrey!
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

East Nashville Beer Festival 2014

A review of the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
The Old Red Boots group: Steve, Lauren, Justin (who made all the pretzel necklaces), Jen and Donnie 
This past Saturday was the East Nashville Beer Festival, one of my favorite days of the year. This festival marks the beginning of spring, when locals emerge from their houses, put on their sunglasses and step outside to mingle. The festival officially started at noon, but we arrived a half hour early so we could get our IDs checked and get in quickly. Gate entry was really efficient this year with teams of two checking IDs and scanning tickets at the same time. This prevented any entry backup and as soon as the festival was open we sauntered right through the gate.
Calfkiller beer at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
I made my way right to the Tennessee tent to try out some of my local favorites. Calfkiller always provides some of my favorite beers (not to mention that their set-up is always super cool). The first beer I tried was the Trail Ale, which was a granola flavored beer. It had a full nutty sweetness with the signature Calfkiller yeast flavor. I also got to sample the Pear Smoke Treat that had a subtle smokiness about it and a nice sweetness from the pear. Their Dark Earth Stout was thick and heavy but not overly sweet with chocolate or coffee notes. Honestly, you can never go wrong with anything the Sergio brothers put out.
Cool Springs Brewery at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Cool Springs Brewery got my vote for favorite new brewery, but it also won the "place where I'm most embarrassed to order" award. Everything was a dick joke from the team at CSB. While I thought the blow-up sex doll and dildo tap pull were a little over the top, the beer was some of the best of the day. The Mango IPA (which had the least creative name) was a standout. I normally don't enjoy IPAs, but everyone I talked to, no matter what their preference, loved this beer. The mango made the beer so sweet and fruity that I didn't even notice the bitterness that the hops added, creating just a solid flavorful drink. I also sampled the From the Window orange blossom saison, which was light and sweet but wasn't super impressive. While I didn't get to try it, The Sweet Peachy Balls also received favorable reviews.
Turtle Anarchy at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Turtle Anarchy is another local favorite that just keeps putting out solid beer. I tired their special of the day, a peanut butter stout made with PB2. I have never had a peanut butter beer and I was excited to try this. I was surprised by how subtle the peanut butter flavor was. I was kind of happy that it didn't taste like I was drinking a jar of Skippy. The beer reminded me of a snickers bar soaked in dark beer, which is actually a lot better than it sounds. Keep up the creative work Turtle Anarchy!
Yazoo at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Yazoo is the granddaddy of Nashville beer and they always go all-out at local festivals. I went for the special, a 2013 Berliner Weisse filtered through pink grapefruit and pineapples. This is the MOST PERFECT BREAKFAST BEER EVER DEVISED. All we could talk about is how we want this beer for some Manmosas.
Straight to Ale at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Oh Straight to Ale, how I love your space age quirkiness, clever names, and tasty libations. I tried the Sand Island Lighthouse Kolsch and quite enjoyed it. It was a light and enjoyable summertime beer that would be great for beach hangouts or porch hangs and day drinking. Since I'm not a fan of hops I let Steve try the Helle Rye IPA filtered though fresh citra hops. He said it was "glorious" and "amazing" with a very nice aroma.
Flat 12  at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Unfortunately, the consensus was that Flat 12 brought along some of the least tasty options of the day. The Briar Pinko, a barrel aged raspberry stout was the most divisive offering of the day. Two of my friends loved it and thought it was a good mix of sweet and sour, while others thought it reminded them of Robitussin. I'm more inclined to lean with the medicine folks, as I couldn't drink it without having flu flashbacks. Their Tequila aged saison, Reposado Saison du Flat reminded most of my group of Italian salad dressing with everyone dumping this one out. Despite the first two bummers, the Brandy Walkabout Pale Ale aged in French Brandy Barrels was enjoyed by everyone, especially Steve.
Woodland Wine Merchant at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
The folks from my favorite Eastside wine and liquor store Woodland Wine Merchant brought a staggering array of Belgian beer to taste. They even brought a long a checklist of all their offerings and after looking at that list I knew there was no way I could possibly try them all. Upon recommendation from my friend Holland who said that this beer "made him question every life decision up until this point" I had to try the Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge. This was a refreshingly tart and very wine-like sour beer.
Schmaltz brewing at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival

Schmaltz brewing always brings some of my favorites to the festival. Besides their really good beer, I'm a fan of their design and packaging. We tried the Rejewvinator, a mix of a belgian style dubbel ale and a dopplebock European lager brewed with merlot grapes. It wast tasty but not overly sweet or sour from the grapes. We gave this beer a gold star and would be remiss if we also didn't decide that this beer would be a solid deck-drinking beer. Steve enjoyed their R.I.P.A. on Rye, a rye double india pale ale aged in whisky barrels. It had that alcoholic flavor and a bit of a throat burn, but in a good way. It was hoppy with a dash of sweet that made this beer stand out.
Deschutes Brewing at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Deschutes had some really impressive offerings. My favorite was the Mirror Mirror barleywine. This was one of my favorites, being so sweet and easy to drink. There is no overpowering alcoholic feeling, so it's deceptively easy to drink for something with such a high alcohol content. You could drink a whole bottle of this and not know how strong it was before it's too late. A few of us (including me) went back for seconds on this one. Another favorite from Deschutes was their Mirror Pond Pale Ale.
Black Abbey Brewing at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Black Abbey is one of Nashville newest breweries. I went to their taproom a few weeks ago and loved it. The atmosphere is nice, the staff is friendly (Hi Carl!) and the beer is downright awesome. I tried their Crossroads Cream Ale which was new to me. It was light and sessionable. They also had the And The Bandit Smokey Rye IPA. The smoke was subtle but blended nicely with the level of hops, and didn't get lost in all the other flavors that were going on.
Jackalope Brewing at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
All the folks walking around with antlers must have stopped by the Jackalope booth. Their Bearwalker is always a good go-to drink for me. At the festival I was able to try something different, the Snowman Stout made with mocha. It wasn't my favorite stout of the day, but it was solid and definitely something I would order from their taproom next winter.
Little Harpeth Brewing at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Little Harpeth Brewing is another newcomer to Nashville (Can I just say that I'm excited about all these new breweries in the past few years?). I tried their Chicken Scratch, an American Pilsner made with corn. It was light and drinkable, a perfect beer to bring when you are floating down a river in the summer.
Schalfty Brewing at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
I've been a fan of St. Louis's Schlafly beer since a trip to the city about 4 years ago. If you ever make it to STL, you have to stop in for some food and drink at their taproom. I had their special pumpkin ale which was amazing. It tasted just like drinking a pumpkin pie. Granted, it was the wrong weather for this type of beer, but when you have something so good that tastes like nutmeg and cinnamon, you can't go wrong. Their Irish Stout was the best stout of the day, being well balanced and robust without any of the bitterness from the roasted grains and hops.
New Belgium Brewing at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
New Belgium is always a fan favorite, putting out tasty beer, having an awesome corporate culture and putting on the super-awesome Tour de Fat all over the country. Steve tried their Wild Dubbel- it was pretty amazing according to Steve. It was made using a wild yeast strain, but the most impressive thing about it was all the earthy herbal notes. I think the wonder of this beer left Steve speechless. I was able to try a Gruit beer, a beer made with other herbs instead of hops. This type of beer was new to me and I had no point of reference, but it really wasn't my thing.
Left Hand Brewing at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Left Hand brewing makes a phenomenal milk stout. I was able to try their version of a nitro stout, which was one of my favorite beers of the day. It was sweet, while being dark and lovely. I was also able to try the Founders Kentucky Breakfast stout which was done with a variety of coffee beans and chocolate. It was thick like a milkshake and really strong. I totally loved this beer!
Red Brick Brewing at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Red Brick and some really nice offerings including a Russian imperial stout and a bourbon barrel beer. The stout was solid and while it tasted like coffee, the texture was not very thick. The bourbon barrel ale was really smooth and sweet, but was fairly run-of-the-mill as far as barrel aged beers go.
Lagunitas Brewing at the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Lagunitas' Brown Sugga' sweet release was pretty tasty. It's a beer that caused many expletives to come out of our mouths. It was hoppy, but it had enough balancing sweetness to make me really enjoy it. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed this beer. The overall consensus was that it was pretty darn amazing.
A review of the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
The nuts and bolts of the event went really smoothly this year. Like I said earlier, the quick ID check and ticket scan made waiting on line much easier. Just like last year, there were more than enough port-o-johns for everyone and there was never a line to get in (which is probably the most important thing when your event is based around continuously dumpling liquids into your body). The ticketing system through Eventbrite was easy to use and flawless. While I was excited about the new TripFriend app for the festival, I found the interface clunky and not as useful as I was hoping. Perhaps because I tend to write everything down, I was hoping that there would be a specific list of all the beers by each brewery with a spot in the app where I could take notes. I really hope that the app can become much better in future years for annoying factotums like myself.
A review of the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
Cool Springs Brewing: Mango IPA
Deschutes: Mirror Mirror Barleywine
Yazoo: Berliner Weisse with Pink Grapefruit and Pineapples
Founders: Kentucky Breakfast Stout
New Belgium: Wild Dubbel
Schlafly: Irish Stout
Straight To Ale: Helle Rye IPA w/ fresh Citra hops

Not So Much:
Flat 12: Briar Pinko and the Reposado Saison du Flat
New Belgium: Gruit 
A review of the 2014 East Nashville Beer festival
***A special thanks to Rhizome productions who put on this fabulous event (as well as many others) year after year. They invited me back to cover the festival and I'm so thankful that they keep taking a chance on a local blogger who just loves to eat and drink.***

Friday, April 4, 2014

Nashville Food Friday: Brunch at Marche

A review of brunch at Marche in East Nashville Tennessee
There's a good reason why Marche is always on the top of the "best of" lists for brunch. I'm not one to necessarily follow the crowds or jump on the latest bandwagon, but when it comes to Marche's brunch dominance I am bound to agree.

The decor is light, open and reminiscent of a Paris cafe. Large windows and iron chair compliment the simple, but elegant dishes. Near the front door there is a small area where you can purchase knickknacks and artisan food. There is also a display of all the lovely pastries and sweets that you can pick up on your way out.
A review of brunch at Marche in East Nashville Tennessee

The one downside to Marche, due to their extreme popularity, is the wait for a table. Sometimes the wait is over an hour, so to guarantee a table on weekends I suggest you arrive before 10am or around 1pm. We arrived at 10 on the dot and were nervous, but the hostess told us the wait would only be 20 minutes. That's a miracle and we happily put our name on the list.
Coffee during  brunch at Marche in East Nashville Tennessee
While we were waiting for our table we ordered cafe au lait from the barista. This is my favorite drink at Marche and reminds me of my visits to Paris. The coffee was flavorful, warm and milky. The best part: it's served in bowls that require you to wrap both hands around them. The coffee warms your hands and your insides as you drink. It's magical!

Before we had a chance to make a dent in our coffee we were informed that our table was ready. I'm always impressed when the estimated wait is exact or event shorter than anticipated. Nothing ruffles my feathers like being told there will be a twenty minute wait and then sitting around for 45 minutes.
Tartine during  brunch at Marche in East Nashville Tennessee
*Important note: Marche changes their brunch menu periodically, so don't expect every dish you see here to be available when you go. This is also one of the reasons why people keep coming back! (a few favorites like the steak and eggs and croissant french toast are perpetually on the menu)* 

To start off we ordered the tartine: organic bread topped with mascarpone, strawberries and a balsamic reduction. This was the perfect sweet bite to have with our coffee. The tartine was loaded thick with mascarpone cheese just the way I like it. The strawberries were sweet but were balanced out by the tart balsamic reduction. This dish was so simple but perfect, and sometimes less is more.
Crepe during  brunch at Marche in East Nashville Tennessee
For the main course I chose the savory crepes filled with beef, potatoes and caramelized onions topped with a cheddar Mornay sauce. The sauce was perfectly flavorful and creamy but not heavy enough to overpower the delicate nature of crepes. The crepes themselves were crisp on the outside and had a good fork feel. The potatoes, beef and onions were all mashed into almost a pate inside the crepes. While I wish I had a few chunks of meat, I understand that having a smooth filling is easier and more elegant inside crepes. Needless to say, I left not one bite and swept up all the leftover sauce with a finger.
Biscuits and gravy during  brunch at Marche in East Nashville Tennessee
Steve had a hard choice on the menu. He wanted something French but his Tennessee roots popped in and forced him to order the biscuits, sausage gravy and eggs. Marche makes their own sausage from scratch on the premise and you can really taste that in the gravy. The sausage had a unique spicy flavor. The over easy eggs were cooked perfectly and the yolk ran all over the plate.The biscuits were the perfect texture to bring the whole dish together. Marche did a great job of putting a sophisticated twist on a southern soul food classic.
A review of brunch at Marche in East Nashville Tennessee
I was also really impressed with the service we received. The place was crowded and even in that kind of fast-paced environment our server was polite, prompt and paid attention to the details.

Marche is still probably my favorite place for brunch. I also really enjoy their dinner (read about that here). I guess when the masses are correct, there is no need to disagree. You might as well get up early on Saturday and get in line. It's worth it. 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Event Preview: East Nashville Beer Festival

This Saturday is the East Nashville Beer Festival, one of my favorite events of the year! ENBF is the most glorious of local outdoor drinking events. I have been for the past two years and ever year the event gets better and better (You can read my comprehensive coverage of last year's event here and see some photos here).

This year there's an amazing line up of breweries and food trucks. Here are just a few of the participating breweries, several of which will have limited-run special brews just for the festival!
The food vendors are equally impressive this year. I'll be hard-pressed to settle on just one thing to eat. Perhaps I'll have 3 lunches. People do that, right?
One of the biggest improvements to this year's festival is the integration of the TripFriend mobile app. The past 2 years I've been making spreadsheets and trying to organize which beers I'm most interested in, but this year that is all history! The TripFriend app has all participating breweries and food trucks, as well as a schedule of all the other events happening. You can also keep up with your friends with it!

I'll be wandering around taking copious notes about all the beers. If you see me, please let me know what your favorite was! I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Photo by Sean von Tagen

Friday, March 28, 2014

Nashville Food Friday: Lucky Bamboo

A review of chinese food at Lucky Bamboo in Nashville Tennessee
One of the things I miss most about living in New York is the Chinese food. The little town I grew up in had some of the best Chinese food (BBQ spare ribs for the win!) and I was only a short train ride away from NYC's Chinatown. All the dim sum and bean cakes I could stomach were at my disposal. Upon moving to Nashville, all of my dumpling dreams where shattered (well, at least until I found my favorite local Chinese place China Cottage). Lucky Bamboo (recently reopened with the folks from Green Hills' Chinatown) brings a little bit of New York Chinese style down to Nashville. They serve dim sum on the weekends, but on this cold night we went for their specialty: THE HOT POT.
A review of chinese food at Lucky Bamboo in Nashville Tennessee
A review of chinese food at Lucky Bamboo in Nashville Tennessee
The inside of this place is crazy. It almost reminds me of a Disney themed restaurant in the Chinese portion of EPCOT, or something you might find in Vegas. There is a giant rock fountain in the center of the dining room filled to the brim with really pretty koi.
A review of chinese food at Lucky Bamboo in Nashville Tennessee
Opposite the bamboo covered bar is a full wall mural of pandas. Pandas just hanging out, having fun and watching you eat. I could have sworn that their eyes followed me around the room. The place is big, with only half of it being used for diners. Behind a partition is another large dining space with what appears to be a stage and karaoke setup just begging to be used. I wonder if this part of the space will ever be used to serve diners, or perhaps it's just for private parties.
Dumplings at Lucky Bamboo in Nashville Tennessee
To start we had small BBQ pork dumplings. They took a while to arrive at our table (an appetizer that arrived with the main dishes) but they were solid dumplings. The dough was thick and substantial without being so fluffy that it overpowered the fillings. 
Pig Feet at Lucky Bamboo in Nashville Tennessee
The special of the day was Szechuan pigs feet. Luckily for me I went with a group of friends that are adventurous eaters like myself and it was a no-brainer to order this. The pigs feet were cooked slow and low and then stir fried with the hottest of peppers, peanuts and celery. Pigs feet, if you've never had it, have a very odd texture- a mixture of skin, fat and cartilage. I loved them especially because they soaked up all the flavor and were super tender. This dish was HOT. If you accidentally ate one of the red peppers your mouth was ON FIRE.
Hot Pot at Lucky Bamboo in Nashville Tennessee
Empty hot pot
The main course was the Ying Yang hot pot (this was half of the mild house soup and half of the scorching hot Szechuan soup). Hot pot, if you're not familiar with it, is similar to fondue or shabu-shabu. You're served a boiling hot pot of broth that is kept at temperature with a portable burner, and you select various vegetables, meats, and noodles which you boil in the broth. This is a fabulous meal for a cold night and an even better meal when you go with a group of friends. Hot pot is communal and it's best when you get to order a lot of things and share!
Hot Pot at Lucky Bamboo in Nashville Tennessee
The basics for the hot pot are cabbage, spinach, corn, tomatoes, pumpkin, mushrooms and some crab sticks. In addition to this you're given a menu for what you can put in your hot pot and you pay by the ingredient. We ordered so many things that they didn't fit on the table- but here's a list of all the goodies that went into our hot pot:
  • beef
  • lamb
  • jumbo prawn
  • fried tofu
  • taro
  • bok choi
  • enoki mushroom
  • bamboo shoot
  • woodear mushroom
  • udon noodles
Hot Pot at Lucky Bamboo in Nashville Tennessee
Hot pot with tons of stuff
We tended to put the stuff that takes longer to cook into the pot first, like the pumpkin and taro. The meat cooked in under a minute and the cabbage seemed to soak up all of the spice. When things are done you just kind of dig in with a ladle or your chopsticks and pull out what you want. I had fun fishing for things and yelling out "I found a taro, who wants taro?" I honestly loved the hot soup better, mostly because I like the punishment of the hot peppers.

Overall I really enjoyed the hot pot and I would go back for it any time. Even with ordering all of that food our checks were still fairly cheap (split between 5 about $15 per person). Jennifer, our waitress was helpful, polite, and happy to explain everything to us hot pot novices. When next winter rolls around I'm sure I'll want a hot pot just as frequently as pho. Now, I have to go back to Lucky Bamboo for their dim sum and see how that compares to New York.

Lucky Bamboo China Bistro on Urbanspoon

Friday, March 21, 2014

Nashville Food Friday: House of Kabob

A review of Persian/Iranian restaurant House of Kabob in Nashville Tennessee
If you are like me, sometimes you just need a hunk of meat on a stick. Thank goodness for Iranian restaurant House of Kabob for offering carnivorous girls like me many options of skewered or grilled protein. Located in a nondescript strip mall off of Nolensville Road, House of Kabob offers top-notch middle-eastern fare.
A review of Persian/Iranian restaurant House of Kabob in Nashville Tennessee
The decor isn't fancy, but it's clean and well-kept. The color palate tends to be black/dark brown/beige giving it the vibe of a fancy 24 hour diner. Our waiter was helpful, polite and prompt and even on a weekday night, this place was jumping.
Upon arrival you are greeted with pita and a plate of cilantro. The best parts about this little bonus are the chunks of feta sitting on top of the greens. It was salty and had a rather firm texture. I could eat ALL THE FETA.
Dolmeh (stuffed grape leaves) at Persian/Iranian restaurant House of Kabob in Nashville Tennessee

For an appetizer we chose the dolmeh (ground beef, rice and spices wrapped in grape leaves). The dolmeh was served warm and made into flat patties, different from the cylindrical Greek version that I am accustomed to. The Iranian version also had less vinegar, which was a bummer for me because I can almost drink vinegar straight out of the bottle (no joke- I LOVE THE STUFF). It was served with a light yogurt sauce with cucumbers and dill. The sauce was fantastic. It was so good I asked for some more to smother all over my main dish as well.
Kubideh and lamb shank platter at Persian/Iranian restaurant House of Kabob in Nashville Tennessee
For our entree (Steve and I ordered the same thing) we chose the kubideh shank. It had one skewer of kubideh (spiced and marinated ground beef) and one fabulous lamb shank. The lamb was super tender and fell off the bone with a touch of the fork. The sauce was flavorful and used sparingly. The kubideh had a really nice spice blend and despite being skewered, the meat was still tender in the center. I did however enjoy the kubideh much more with the yogurt sauce. The rice was light and fluffy and soaked up all the lovely sauce from the lamb shank. I would be hard pressed not to order the exact same thing next time I go back.

I really enjoyed House of Kabob, and if you are over by Nolensville Rd and need some meat on a stick, you know where to go.

House of Kabob on Urbanspoon
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