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Friday, November 21, 2014

Nashville Food Friday: Thai Esane

I love Thai food. I can always get behind a good pad thai or drunken noodles. Nashville has a fair amount of places were you can get your sticky rice fix, but new comer Thai Esane gives them all a run for their money.

A nice bright dining room greets you upon entry. I really like how open and clean the main space is. We were seated in a smaller room off to the side, and that had a more intimate, warm feel. I also really like their location 12th Ave, being very close to many things. (I went to a show at Cannery Ballroom after- a few blocks away). 

We started off by sharing the springrolls with shrimp.  The roll itself was my least favorite part of the dinner. They were very cold- like they were pre-made and they were sitting in the refrigerator for who knows how long. Because of this the rice paper was very chewy. Combined with an over-abundance of lettuce made this an appetizer you can pass on. I'll just try something else next visit.

Because the weather has been incredibly cold I opted for a soup and opted for my favorite Thai option Tom Yum.  This soup was lovely and had a really nice sweet heat. There were tons of fresh veggies in here and I was sad when the bowl was empty. I highly recommend this soup.

For my entree I ordered dry Sukiyaki- a skinny noodle dish with celery, cabbage, egg and a special sauce. The menu didn't mention that this came with egg, but I asked, and I was very happy that it came with an abundance of egg.  I asked for this dish medium spicy and that was the correct level for me. I will say that most of the food from Thai Esane comes out SPICY. You should be really honest about how hot you want it, knowing that if you order it hot or medium, you will certainly feel it. But back to the entree. I was so happy with this dish that I totally finished the whole plate like a boss. 

I really liked Thai Esane, and I'm really jealous that I'm too far away to take advantage of their 3 mile radius delivery service. If you are looking for quality Thai food in a good atmosphere at a reasonable price- this is your place. 
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  1. That soup looks and sounds delicious! It's the perfect time of year for it!

  2. Thai food is definitely in my top 5 favorite cuisines! Yummm.

  3. Hmm... rice paper rolls (which is what the entree is is a Vietnamese dish and the sukiyaki is actually a Japanese dish that isn't what you had. That looks like it should be a pad thai noodle but with vermicelli noodles instead of rice noodles. The soup is Thai and looks great.

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