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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My parents have been in town visiting (more on that later) and we were looking for a few good activities to do in between all the errands and home improvements that we had planned. I'm a member at the Nashville Zoo and we usually go. But they have a special "exhibit" called DinoTrek going on now for about another two months. 

Basically you walk down a forest path and well painted moving dinosaurs pop out and roar at you (or in one case, spits water all over you).  This is no doubt for younger kids.  There were a few terrified small zoo visitors that day. Despite the cheese factor, we really enjoyed DinoTrek.

The entry fee was $3 for members and $4 for non members. Really worth it. Don't you want to take pictures of all you friends being savaged by a T Rex?!

Also, dinosaurs have all different sorts of names now.  I was really into Dino stuff when I was a kid and knew all the big guns. Living in New York meant I also got to visit the Dino Hall at the Natural History Museum a few times a year.  But man, times have changed. I recognized the face but not the names of most of these giants.  More heads where the butts should be? (I'm looking at you brontosaurus).

What is a trip to the zoo without visiting the lovely Lorikeets? They liked my sweater and my necklace and landed on me without even bribing them with nectar. They really liked this necklace, because when I got home the string snapped and the beads went flying all over my bedroom. Worth it.

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  1. reminds me of jurassic park



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