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Friday, April 20, 2012

Food Friday: China Cottage

When I frist moved to Nashville, one of the things I found hardest to deal with was the lack of decent Chinese food.  New York and Boston have more than their fair share of delicious, authentic, non-americanised Chinese food joints and I was spoiled. No one in Nashville was able to recommend a place for me to try- I felt defeatist.  The few that I tried tasted boring to me. I needed flavor. I needed spice.

Then I discovered China Cottage.

Located in an unassuming strip mall in Rivergate, next to a Hobby Lobby, lies the only place in Nashville I will go for Chinese food.  A friend of mine who is originally from Malaysia organized a dinner here one night (he also said it was the best Chinese food he's had- and I trust him) and I was hooked.  Every dish I ever tried here has been delightful.
Teriyaki Beef Skewers

Crab Rangoon

Steamed Dumplings
My favorite appetizer is the teriyaki beef skewers.  The meat is seasoned beautifully and is incredibly tender.  It falls apart in your mouth. In addition, it doesn't taste overly salty like most teriyaki things you get.  Also, dumplings. They aren't the best I ever have, but they serve their purpose.  Soft dough and sweet sauce.

Mongolian Beef

House Special Duck

Mu Shu Pork
Sometimes I get in a rut and order the same thing. Over and over.  And at China Cottage that is the Mu Shu Pork.  Their pancakes are light and sticky and perfectly complement the cabbage, egg and pork mixture.  My other recommendation would be the Mongolian beef. It has a sweet flavor and its the same tender beef as the teriyaki skewers.

Optimistic Fortunes
The staff is friendly and prompt.  The family that owns (?) the restaurant has a lovely young daughter of about 7-8 years old that is always in the waiting area.  She is treat. I always enjoy having a conversation with her on my way out.  On my last visit she showed me her new leapfrog learning laptop and proved that she can tell time. She has also sung happy birthday to a few friends of mine.
It is a drive to Rivergate, but when you want some good Chinese food, China cottage is the only place to go.
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