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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cynthia's 5k!

My friend from college Cynthia is a pretty cool chick. She runs Boomerangs, thrift stores in Boston where proceeds go to fight AIDS.  She also has a sweet blog on Vice What I Found at Work Today, chronicling all the inappropriate stuff that gets donated. Plus, she is also one of my fashion inspirations.  She can make anything look cool. ANYTHING. The is the queen of huge glasses and clashy-matchty fashion.

But this fine lady is also doing the AIDS Walk 5K in Boston.  If you help support her, she will send you an awesome present. Give her a word or phrase, and she will paint you her interpretation of it on an LP sleeve. I said "Maury Povich" and this is what I got:

Help support this fine lady and get a great piece of art in the process.  Also, if you are in Boston stop by her shops and buy some things and help stop AIDS.

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