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Monday, June 4, 2012

Country Polka Dots

Happy Monday! My weekend was filled with running, kittens, rock concerts and friends. Hope you enjoyed yours as well.

This past week was lovely in Nashville. The weather is getting really hot now and I'm running out of time to wear anything that's designed for spring.  Soon it will be all short jorts and tank tops.  But before that time comes, I'll be rocking dresses and boots.

I purchased this dress in the winter in anticipation of better weather to follow.  I tend to do that with my clothes - use them for wishful thinking.  The dress originally came with a skinny brown braided belt that I just didn't like.  It wasn't tight enough and it just looked like an afterthought.  So I just traded it out for this gold number that I got from my mom's closet about 10 years ago.

Speaking of taking clothes, the scarf belonged to my grandmother. I inherited my entire scarf collection from my grandmother, who was just as small as me.   Being the smallest grandchild meant that I got the scarves, gloves and coats. I'm trying to mix the scarves in with more outfits. I feel like it just adds the perfect pop of color and makes me look a little bit more sophisticated. Ok... that might be a stretch... but still, I love them.

Dress: Mod cloth
Belt: Mom's
Scarf: Grandma's
Glasses: See
Shoes: Old Tan Boots

All photos by Steve Cross

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