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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Farmer's Market #2

This week at the farmer's market we got more of the same. Squash was everywhere and there was a trickling in of tomatoes. I even treated myself to an Izzie's Ice while I walked around. The ice is made by two sisters who use real fruit! Steve and I split a large, with three scoops of strawberry, watermelon, and mango. The mango was far and away my favorite flavor. Mango just feels like summer.

This week's CSA from Flying S Farms

After my post last week, I received additional information about the market from Amy who's family (Delvin Farms) started the East Nashville Farmer's Market 6 years ago (I was way off). This is what she has to say about ENFM:

The market was started 6 years ago by Devlin Farms to provide healthy food to the East Nashville community. It started in the parking lot of the Turnip Truck but quickly outgrew that space.  We strive to make it an organic market, but do allow a few conventional produce farms who grow their own produce. The farmers who grow the food and the people who make the goods are present at our market- there are no re-sellers.  Vendors who are certified organic or certified naturally grown get 10% off their vendor fee. We are the first market in Nashville to accept EBT/Food stamps as a whole. Customers can also use their debit card at the market info booth to get "cash" in the form of wooden nickles to spend with the vendors. It has become very popular and allows customers to buy what they need with vendors who may be unable to accept credit or debit cards. The food stamp program has really taken off as well, and providing healthy food in the community (especially the food desert areas) was the goal from the beginning. We're currently working with the Martha O'Bryan center to provide transportation to the Casey housing residents to the market. The center also brings out groups of children and teenagers once a season to learn about vegetables, how they are grown and to meet the farmers who grow them. Delvin Farms has paid for the market for the past 5 years (insurance, rent, live music, etc), but this year the market is beginning to pay for itself! We're pleased that it has become a popular market, not only because it is finally becoming self sustaining, but because our goal of making it a community market, providing good produce and locally grown, producers only market has reached its goal!

This week's basket contained lots of squash, onions, green and yellow cucumbers, lettuce and green beans. The green beans were the standout of the box. I just boiled them lightly for 8 minutes and they were perfect- nothing needed to be added to the naturally sweet taste. This week I tried a very southern style squash casserole in order to use everything up. It contained lots of butter and cheese so it wasn't very good for my waistline, but boy was it delicious. I have a feeling the squash casserole will be making a reappearance.

This week's splurge purchase was Hawaiian sausage from West Wind Farms. They have a large variety of sausage and meat available. I guess they are really popular, because when we were at the booth they were out of milk and eggs! The sausage was tasty, but I wouldn't go as far as calling it Hawaiian. There weren't any chunks of pineapple like I was expecting and I didn't really taste any fruit sweetness.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the sweet brown sugar taste. But if you are looking for something tropical and fruity, this isn't your tube of meat. I plan on trying some of their other other options this season!

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