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Monday, July 9, 2012

Firecracker Onesie

As you can tell from the abundance of red, white and blue in my outfit- this was my July 4th garb. Every year on the 4th I attend what may be one of my favorite events in Nashville- The Hot Chicken Festival (There will be a food Friday on this later in the week). The temperature was close to 100 and I knew we would be waiting in full sun to eat that spicy meat. So basically, I wore the smallest amount of clothing that I felt I could get away with.

I was lucky enough to score both pieces of this outfit at my friend Vickie's yard sale a few months ago. Vickie has a great collection of... stuff... and I was happy to take some of the stranger clothing pieces off her hands. The top is actually a nautical themed gymnastic onesie. The only think I don't like about it is the overly padded breast cups. I know you probably can't tell in these pictures, but I felt like I was wearing a bra stuffed with tissues. The shorts are vintage and lovely. High-waisted pants and shorts are really in right now so I felt a little trendy. The only down side of the shorts is that due to their fit, standing and walking in them is no problem but when you sit down they get all restrictive.

Onesie: Vickie's yard sale
Shorts: Vickie's yard sale
Shoes: Urban Outfitters (Old)
Sunglasses: No idea
Scarf: Grandma's

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