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Friday, July 6, 2012

Food Friday: The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy has already received a lot of great reviews and good press, but my friends organized a Friday dinner in the beer garden and I always enjoy myself there, so I figured I would add another one to the positive review pile.

This was my first time dining al fresco in the new beer garden. I love the open space and picnic style tables. Because the beer garden basically doubles the dining space, we had no trouble getting two picnic tables for a large group. Granted my friend Ana Beth got there earlier to claim a space- but hey- it worked!

One of the things I enjoy most about the Pharmacy is the quality beer selection on tap. They rotate the brews pretty frequently and usually have some local Southeastern breweries represented. I had the Spaten Munich Dunkel which was dark in color but not in flavor. It was like a more refined version of Yazoo's Dos Perros (which I also enjoy). Steve got the Moorelein Lager Helles which was light and summery in color but too hoppy on the tongue. My friend Gillian had the ginger wheat and was kind enough to give me a sip. I think I will have to be brave and try that next time- it had a nice kick at the end!

Dunkle and the Lager Helles

On Tap Beer List

I ordered the Farm Burger with Sweet Potato Fries. I'm drawn to sweet potato fries and if any restaurant offers them as an optional side, I normally pick them over their Idaho cousins. I enjoyed the fries, but I wasn't blown away. Some were soggy, some were crispy, some were bland, others too salty. I will say that I've had the sweet potato fries there before and they were much better. Perhaps the fryer was just having an off night.

The Farm Burger itself was mindblowing. Bacon, ham and fresh egg make everything better and when you dump it on top of one of the best beef patties in Nashville you have guaranteed winner. I normally hate mustard on burgers and usually ask that it be omitted. But the Farm Burger came with mustard so I tried it the way the Pharmacy inteded it be eaten. I was happy that I trusted the chef. The tang of the mustard went so well with the salty ham and melted away into the soft Provence buns.

Steve had the Chili Burger which I did not get a taste of, but was assured of its quality. For you non meat-eaters Gillian had the black bean burger and raved about it. Going to a place that's known for burgers and insisting that you will order the black bean burger on your next trip is high praise.

I had a great time at the Pharmacy. The food was great, the atmosphere was lovely, and the company was even better.
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  1. I've got to try that place out! i've heard nothing but good things.


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