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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Little Black Bag

There are few things I love more in this world than coming home to a package waiting at my door. It's like getting a present, even if it means it's a present I picked out and paid for. I was extremely happy when my Little Black Bag arrived almost 4 days ahead of shipping schedule. I have no idea how that happened- but they get an A+ for that! The way the products were delivered was very nice. Everything was wrapped up in black tissue paper and closed with a sticker, making it even more like a present!

The first product was the free gift. I'm a fan of benefit and I really like this mascara. I guess I didn't realize just how tiny this free gift was. It is a very small, like tiny sample size. I think it might only last me a couple of weeks, but I'll use it until it dies out.

I was able to trade away the dark necklace, earrings and clock that were originally picked out for me. Thank goodness, because they were pretty off the mark. I took their style quiz, and picked the loudest and most obnoxious options. Loud does not equal monochrome. But this is where the trading system comes in. Lots of people wanted what I had, so I was able to swap it out for things that I really wanted! Like these adorable Betsey Johnson octopus earrings. I have a pretty substantial collection of Betsey jewelry and I'm always happy to add to it.

I was also able to get my hands on this sweet floral Betsey necklace. It makes the sweetest jingling noises when I walk, like little bells. The little bee in the center is adorable. Since I normally go for huge necklaces, this is now one of the most tame in my collection. It's good to have something that's just a tad bit more demure.

And finally the wonderful bag. This was my first pick and I'm very happy with it. The bag looked tan and yellow online, but the tan is a soft pink in person (bonus). The bag is well made and has a pink and leopard print lining. It came with a long shoulder strap which I didn't attach yet, but makes this purse much more usable.

Overall, I really liked my Little Black Bag experience. A good friend of mine did it with me and she was also really pleased. LBB, you get a thumbs up.


  1. How fun!! I have always wanted to try something like this - but this program seems the best by far. Everything you got is so adorable! I love the Betsey Johnson items - and that bag!!! Lucky duck!

    1. You should totally try it next month. They have a pretty good selection of funky Betsey stuff... including this large snake bracelet that I was debating trading for!

  2. Ooooh i love the BJ items you got, and that bag! so fun! very "you"!

    1. I still haven't taken the bag out of the house yet. It's too pretty and I don't want to mess it up!


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