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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Interweb Roundup!

Hello! Welcome new followers and friends. It's been a while since I posted what I've been lurking on the internet.  Here is a little roundup of pretty things:

Celestial Cat - The British Shorthair & The Pelican Nebula Art Print

I'm still loving anything with cats on it. But cats and astronomy? I'm sold. This shirt is available at Threadless. I'm a size Small FYI.
This necklace/collar thing from Locketship. Bling Bling kitty ice cream cones.

Multicat leggings

These amazing kitty leggings. I love everything about this down to the neon/pastel color palette. I cannot describe how much I love these leggings. Considering I've been swept up in the fancy legging trend lately- this would be a perfect addition to my collection.
Retro Printing Blue Dress
This lovely blue dress. I love the flower desgin and I especially love how it's centered on the front. I'm also always a fan of baroque style.

This pretty pumpkin color dress from Modcloth.  Makes me feel ready for fall. Also, I feel like I could take on a serious work meeting in this dress. It can be my power dress. Also, get $20 off your first purchase here.

This poster of Nashville. The etsy store has tons of other cute skylines for your cities!

And finally, the most addicting YouTube video I have seen in awhile.  Besides being adorable, the beatbox is pretty addicting and I find myself saying Boots, Cats and Beef instead of real words.

<3 L


  1. Oh wow, those cat leggings are amazing! I've always loved Qoo Qoo but this is their best yet!

    xx Chantal


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