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Friday, December 21, 2012

Food Friday Asheville Edition: Sunny Point Cafe

I'm finally finishing up reviewing all the good food we had in Asheville! On our last morning we wanted to go out for a solid brunch. After searching the internet and yelp, we found Sunny Point Cafe. Not only was it highly rated, it was only 3 minutes from where we were staying! We arrived at about 10 and had a half hour wait. Once again, Asheville restaurants have the best service. We put our name on a list and got a buzzer and then went over to the outdoor coffee station to fill our cups. I love brunch joints that have good coffee for those that are waiting.
While we were waiting we had a chance to walk around their garden. The back of the property is a giant vegetable garden where they grow food for the restaurant. You can't get any more farm-to-table than that! The garden setup was so nicely done that it lit a fire under my ass to take much better care of my garden next year. (I kind of slacked during the summer heat and massive mosquito influx).
Sunny Point was right on time and our buzzer went off within 5 minutes of our estimated wait. The inside of the restaurant was small, cozy and filled with lots of warm yellow hues. Their breakfast menu is filled with tons of really good options. I didn't know what I wanted at all- it was good option overload. Also, if you are vegetarian this place is very accommodating. They even offer a tofu chorizo option.
Steve and I surprisingly decided to get the same thing for breakfast. (This never happens!) We both ordered the huevos rancheros. And just to tell you why, just read Sunny Point's description of the dish: Savory black bean cakes served with Snow Creek chorizo sausage, feta cheese, roasted tomatillo salsa, and herb tossed red skin spuds topped with two free range eggs any style, cilantro crema, and crisp tortilla strips. Gosh that sounded so amazing! How could we not order it? This might have been my favorite version of huevos rancheros I've ever had. All of the flavors just mixed so well together and the nontraditional addition of the feta added a nice salty taste. The chorizo could have been spicier by my standards, but the tomatillo salsa added a good amount of heat. I don't think Steve and I talked much once the food was delivered. We could not stop shoveling this into our mouths. 
The best part about Sunny Point is that you can order breakfast anytime! I could see myself coming back here for a light dinner and just ordering the huevos rancheros again. I think when I find something that is this good it's very hard for me to try something new off the menu. But I hope to be back in Asheville sometime soon and I will definitely be coming back to Sunny Point!

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  1. YAIS! We're spending a few nights in AVL on the way back to Nashville from our stay in NJ this holiday. This is perfect - never been, and looks like a must-do! Love your reviews of your good eats in one of our most favorite places in the world. xo

  2. What a quaint little restaurant. The food looks delish!
    I am in love with that Buddha!!
    It would make an amazing addition to anyone's backyard.

  3. That sounds so good! And I love their retro sign!

  4. Damn, your food Fridays always get me superhungry, everything always looks so tasty!

  5. Omg thats looks amazing! Also, have you thought of removing your captcha on your comment form? I'd love to comment more often, but I get frustrated not able to enter the correct word or numbers.

  6. That place looks super interesting and YUMMY!

  7. Lovely blog! x

    Join our shabby apple giveaway! x

  8. Yumm. Looks delicious. I love the look of the interior and the little garden as well.


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