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Monday, January 21, 2013

Guest Post: Erin from Predictions for the Past

Howdy folks in internet land! Sorry I couldn't be with you this fine Monday morning (I'm out in Colorado spending some quality time with a dear friend from college). But fear not! I have a lovely guest post from the talented Erin of Predictions from the Past. This chick is fashionable, feisty and fun. So please enjoy! I'll be back to regularly scheduled postings later this week


Howdy, Old Red Boots readers!! Your lovely host (/model/resident foodie/cat lady) Lauren was kind enough to have me share a little guest post in her corner of the interwebz today.

But we're not familiar yet, so let me introduce myself! I'm Erin, and I write, photograph, pose and-all-that-good-junk over at Predictions for the Past. Predictions began in the summer of 2012 as a way to keep my family and friends updated on my life and adventures while I am living out of town working as an assistant Set and Costume Designer for a prominent theatre company.  Predictions was also a way to foster my burgeoning love for photography, and to share this hobby as well as my others (including dressin' up all fancy). I regularly post outfits, my photography (including too many pictures of my babely actor boyfriend), and recipes, especially of the brunch persuasion.  I also post crafty stuff, tutorials, and sewing projects for the artistically inclined!

Today I have a simple outfit to share with you guys.  I wore this for a lazy Sunday at home, where we only ventured out to fetch coffee and drop off some supplies at work! Kinda perfect for a homebody like me.  Though my outfits on the blog are very often skirted, I am a big jeans wearer.  This is out of both comfort as well as necessity, as the Canadian winters can indeed be quite nippy!  To fancy it up a bit so I didn't feel like a bump on a log, I wore my necklace and matching bobby pins that I created for New Years.  Naturally, I didn't manage to get any shots of myself all dressed up from New Years Eve (big blogger no-no, amirite?!?), so I thought I ought to take them out for another spin! I am so happy with how the necklace turned out.  It's like a wacky constellation, I even got what I am taking as a compliment, where someone on NYE said I looked like I was dressed up as a Harry Potter character.  I am a big enough nerd to be really pleased about that!

The Deets:
Bobby Pins: Selfmade
Floral Button Up: Thrifted
Vest: Vintage, scored from work
Jeans: Guess, Thrifted
Brown Button Booties: Vintage
Necklace: Selfmade

If you'd like to follow along in my adventures in personal style, crafting and vegetarian cooking, definitely drop by Predictions for the Past and say hello! I'm also on Instagram as @efgerofsky (I am posting my 365 iPhone photo a day project there with the tag #365iphone2013), Twitter as ErinGerofsky, and Pinterest as erinfrances.  Don't be shy! And a big thank you again to Lauren for letting me introduce myself to y'all today.  Lauren, you're a gem ( er, Jem, and I'm a hologram?)!!


  1. That's a gorgeous necklace, really impressive to make yourself. Did you cut out all the stars from wood? Very cool. I am a big fan of the matching set!

    1. Thank you! The pieces are actually hand cut vinyl, that I painted gold. Ideally it would be leather, but the vinyl actually cuts more cleanly for such small shapes. I have leftover materials, so I may be making a couple to sell off, as well :)

  2. Cute outfit!! I will definitely be following! :)

  3. I love how the bobby pins you made match your necklace. So neat!


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