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Monday, April 29, 2013

Flower Garden Gal

Oh Monday how you sneak up on me every week. I had a great weekend and I didn't want it to end! On Saturday I ran the Rock N' Roll Country Music 1/2 Marathon and finished it in 2:24, faster than my goal of 2:30. While this isn't fast, I'm very pumped about it. I'm coming to terms that running needs to be about personal goals rather than being faster than your friends. Growing up I was an indoor child so I'm pretty excited that I do any physical activity at all. I feel that I've totally caught the running bug and am planning to run two half-marathons in the fall. For the summer I'll probably stick to a few 5 and 10ks since it's so hot.
The race day weather was a bummer. It rained the whole time and I was soaked before I even crossed the start line. My shoes felt like they weighed 20 pounds but I couldn't complain. There were 30,000 other people just as crazy as I am doing the same thing. But honestly I was most impressed by the people who decided to come out in the pouring rain and cheer for strangers. The spectators this year were absolutely amazing! I would like to thank everyone that came out to watch. I would also like to thank all of the police officers who stood out there getting soaked in order to keep us safe. I know security was a big concern after the tragic events of Boston, but I felt safe and the whole environment was very positive.
Steve was so amazing. He got up with me at 5:30am and took me down to the start line. Then he waited in the rain to cheer me on at mile 8 and then he showed up at the finish. He was trying so hard to take pictures, but I think the rain and the crowds had other ideas. He even pulled the number one best boyfriend move ever: got me a massage after the race. That might be the most considerate present ever. I spent the rest of the weekend recovering and even got a pedicure courtesy of my awesome & supportive parents on Sunday. And somehow I also made time to go see the Protomen's 10th anniversary concert on Saturday night with Steve.
This is the outfit I wore on our trip to Cheekwood Botanical Garden last weekend. It's a remix of the jumper from this shoot last year. If I look a little chubby up top, its because of all the ruffles underneath my sweater. Ruffles sure do add volume! I'm still totally in love with this jumper from Lalamagic and I keep trying to mix it up so it doesn't look 100% the same. I figured this white sweater was a good addition. (I think I've had this sweater since high school.)
Jumper: Lalamagic
Sweater: Hella OLD
Scarf: Gradma's
Shoes: Blowfish
Earrings: Betsey Johnson


  1. i agree about having personal running goals— it's much easier to gauge improvement when you are only comparing yourself! so good to hear you are still enjoying running and keeping up with it. i need to get more info on the women's half you were telling me about!

  2. that's awesome! Yay for beating personal goals...and yay for Steve for winning BF of the year

  3. That sounds like such a big achievement! I'd love to train for a run but i wouldn't know where to start, any ideas?

    Ps: my blogname changed, it's now

  4. You've got a good guy cheering you on in the rain and getting you a post run massage! And yay for you finishing the race under THE WORST possible weather conditions and STILL beating your goal! I am always telling myself I will find more ways to make one-off clothing pieces more usable, so your jumper remix is inspiring me. Four stars, lady! :)

  5. Congrats on the half- that's such a great time, especially with the rain! And you still made it to Protomen..nice... hope you weren't too tired to do some fist pumping. =)

  6. Fashion, style, beauty :) Very nice pictures of you!

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