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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mad Men Yourself

I don't know about you, but I'm super excited that Mad Men is back on the air. While I wasn't completely blown away by the season opener this past Sunday, I still really love the show. The late 60s fashions are amazing, plus most of the dudes have facial hair! Hooray!

A few seasons back Mad Men offered the option to Mad Men Yourself and I love this little toy. While they haven't updated it with the '67-'68 fashions (Please do this AMC!) you can still play around and make yourself look fabulous. Here I am wearing some crazy print dress, cat eye glasses and drinking a coffee by a pool. Totally like real life.

Show me what you look like when you're all Mad Men!


  1. I look forward to this EVERY. SEASON. Agh! Gotta go see what I look like this year! I wish they'd updated and included Megan's neon Hawaiian dress from the luau scene. WANT. IT.

  2. I am so late the the party on Mad Men. I feel so overwhelmed because I am so far behind! I am an advertising major and love the 60s so there is no excuse for me not catching the fever yet! as soon as I wrap downton- this is my next project i am tackling.

  3. Oh man I love the Mad Men Yourself stuff, I love seeing how everyone interprets themselves!
    Also, is it just me or does that coffee cup look just like a Yahrzeit candle or Tzedakah box? That gold design seriously looks like hebrew to me. Maybe I'm just making weird associations :P.

    Well, looks like I have to go make a little Mad Med Erin, now!


  4. um...Amazing... Yours is so cute!


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