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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bonnaroo Day 3: EatBox and Roberta's

Have I really been here for 3 days already? Somehow I feel like I've both been here forever and just arrived at the same time. This is the closest thing to sleep away camp an adult can get. Everything is just stating to blur together. On the plus side, I feel like I finally figured out where everything is located. Which is a totally perfect thing to do on your absolute last day here. C’est la vie.
Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee

In the morning I was able to catch Cults, a few songs from Two Gallants and most of Death Grips. With so much awesome going on at the same time I was just running around from tent to tent. Because the day was really hot, I retreated to some shade for a tad bit of shut eye.

Eatbox food truck at Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee
Eatbox food truck at Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee
I went to EatBox for lunch. They specialize in meatball meals, either in a bowl or on a sandwich. After talking to the counter lady about her recommendations, I ordered the PCB (pork and beef balls, hashbrowns, bacon, and a honey scallion sauce). I was totally underwhelmed by this meal. The meatballs themselves were soggy and rather bland. It appears that if they were seasoned, their spices were washed off in the liquid they were sitting in. The hashbrowns weren’t anything to write home about and reminded me of something that I would get in a Waffle House. It also appeared to be missing the honey sauce that should have been splashed on top. I guess the lack of line should have been an indication that this food truck would be less than stellar. 
Credit: Danny Clinch
I was able to see all of Bjork’s set, which was amazing. She had a full choir and a calliope on stage. I really enjoyed the orchestration of her songs live; everything was different than on the album, making this a totally unique experience. I’ve really wanted to see her since middle school, so this was a really special treat for me. Since I wasn’t really interested in seeing Jack Johnson after her, I took a nice break and relaxed with some friends.

Roberta's Pizza at Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee
Roberta's Pizza at Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee
Steve and I decided to have a late dinner at Roberta’s pizza. Roberta’s is located inside the Christmas Barn, which has air conditioning, is decked-out in twinkle lights and has a DJ. We tried the margarita pizza- one with pepperoni (which was actually salami), and one without. I don’t know how Roberta’s can make something so good so far away from their restaurant, but they totally do! This was an absolutely perfect pizza. We kept raving about their tomato sauce, which tasted fresh, plain and simple. What would I have to do to convince Roberta’s to open up a location down in Nashville!?

Credit: Steve Cross
My final band of the night, who didn’t take the stage until after 2:30am, was Empire of the Sun. EotS are basically David Lynch’s Dune: The Band. This band was the soundtrack to my marathon training so I was totally giddy like a schoolgirl when I saw they were on the bill. They were nothing but EPIC. The costumes, the dancers, the video screen, the whole production was better than some Broadway shows I’ve seen. I’m sure there is a very slim chance that I will get to see them perform ever again since they're from Australia, but I would be willing to travel pretty far to get a glimpse of them in the future.

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