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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bonnaroo: Food Truck Oasis


The line-up for the Bonnaroo Food Truck Oasis has been announced! I'm sure to get most of my meals here. I'm really excited to sample food from all across the nation (I'm probably not going to be too excited about waiting in long lines, but c'est la vie).

Eatbox (Asheville, North Carolina) a prize truck known for top-notch meatballs. Serving: Meatballs, Meatball Sandwich, Breakfast

Gastropod (Miami, Florida), a gourmet food truck with fusion cooking and an emphasis on local, seasonal ingredients; Serving: Short Rib Sliders, Pulled Pork Sandy, Curry in a Hurry, White Corn Cake

Petro’s Chili & Chips (Knoxville, Tennessee), loved for its original take on chili bowls, known as Petro Bowls; Serving: Petro Chili & Chips (regular, BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Baja)

Roti Rolls (Charleston, South Carolina), centered on creating seasonal fusion food that is Asian, Indian, Caribbean, Latin, and Southern inspired; Serving: Roti Rolls featuring locally-sourced meats, vegetables and cheeses

Savory and Sweet (Knoxville, Tennessee), gourmet Southwestern cuisine; Serving: Specialty tacos (Jumpin Java, Fried Avocado, Cuban Picadillo), Fried Cheesecake

The Big Cheese (Arlington, Virginia), known for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches made with all-natural, local ingredients; Serving: Gourmet Grilled Cheese (Midnight Moon, Full Vermonty, Lemon Fig, Caprese, Thrilled Cheese), Watermelon Feta Salad, Breakfast

The Cracked Truck (Urbana, Illinois), a new twist on breakfast food; Serving: Gourmet Egg Sandwiches, tater tots

I'm the most excited about trying out Gastropod, as it has been on my radar for a while. Savory and Sweet sounds interesting too- I'll eat anything that's served in a taco!


  1. Oh man! Now I am even MORE bummed that I am not going to make it to Bonnaroo this year! I went last year and it was life changing for me. I wanted to go again this year (some of my favorite bands are performing) but the people that accommodated me last year did not agree so much. Have fun!!!
    e m m a ▼ d e e r

    1. Oh man! If I would have known I would have just told you to come on down!

  2. I love the food truck trend so so much. It's so fun to go exploring, trying to hunt them down, or catching the chance to try them at events. It also encourages a lot of food creativity and because it's a novelty, I feel like it makes people want to experiment and try new foods themselves! :) Have a blast, Lauren! <3

    1. Thanks! I love food trucks too. I also like how they are so fancy now. The ones I used to eat at in Boston were nothing to brag about, but I love how they have become 'cuisine'.



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