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Friday, August 2, 2013

Food Friday Boston Edition: Sound Bites

 Brunch at Sound Bites in Boston Massachusetts
Back when I first started going to Sound Bites, it was about half the current size and the wait line often stretched around the block. The food was so good that there were many Saturday mornings where I stood in that that line for a ridiculous amount of time. It was just like that one Portlandia skit! Visiting Sound Bites was a must on my trip back to Boston, but this time we were smart and went on a weekday morning. Even with a group of 5, we got a table right away.
 Brunch at Sound Bites in Boston Massachusetts
One of my favorite things about Sound Bites is the do-it-yourself coffee bar. You just walk right up, grab any of the super cute colorful mugs and make it the way you want it. The day we were there they had two regular brews, one decaf, and about 4 flavored varieties. They also have different types of milk, sweeteners, and cinnamon!
 Eggs Benedict at Sound Bites in Boston Massachusetts
If you know me, then you know that my favorite breakfast food is eggs Benedict. Unfortunately, many restaurants murder this dish, over-cooking the eggs and burning the Hollandaise sauce. Sound Bites is pretty much the gold standard for solid eggs bene. The yolk is always super runny and their Hollandaise is tangy & perfect! Because of this Steve and I did the only logical thing: order two of their special Benedicts and split them. Steve ordered the prosciutto, asparagus and tomato Benedict, which was great. The salt of the cured ham and the sauce were delicious together.
 Eggs Benedict at Sound Bites in Boston Massachusetts
I picked the Greek Benedict which contained tomato, spinach and feta cheese. Once again, the salt of the feta complimented the the hollandaise. And the yolk was SO RUNNY! I would also be remiss if I did not mention their no-place-like-home fries. It's different than any breakfast potato I've ever had. They fry and season the mashed potatoes so that the top gets super crispy while the center retains that creamy potato goodness.
Brunch at Sound Bites in Boston Massachusetts
Sound Bites is still one of my favorite breakfast/brunch spots ever. Located just outside of Davis Square, it is worth the little adventure for the perfect eggs Benedict.
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  1. It makes me sound like a weirdo to say I love runny yolks...but I do! A coffee bar is such a cool idea and those mugs are too cute.


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