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Friday, August 9, 2013

Food Friday Boston Edition: Taqueria Mexico

Mexican Food at Taqueria Mexico in Waltham Massachusetts
While we were in Boston reliving my college days, we made a stop to our go-to Mexican joint, Taqueria Mexico. This was the best place to go before a night out- grabbing tacos and beer, getting full, and not spending a lot of money. As a college kid, my budget didn't allow for that at all! While I do love this place, I don't love it nearly as much as my friend Matt, shown above, posing with his one true burrito-making love.
Mexican Food at Taqueria Mexico in Waltham Massachusetts
Located on a side street in the suburb of Waltham, Taqueria Mexico doesn't look like much. The inside hasn't changed one bit since I was last there 7 years ago, and I'm quite comforted by that fact. We went for a really late lunch and the place was sparsely populated, but there was a good trickle of people in and out.
Chips and Salsa  at Taqueria Mexico in Waltham Massachusetts
The first thing to arrive on the table was fresh chips and salsa. The chips were still warm and you can tell they were just made. The salsas were pretty hot, but I used them sparingly and enjoyed them quite a bit. Also, I can't get over the crazy-busy table cloth!
Horchata  at Taqueria Mexico in Waltham Massachusetts
Oh horchata, why must you be so delicious?! Taqueria Mexico makes a solid one, but if I was hungrier I would have ordered their fruit milkshakes which are delicious, sweet and very filling.
Tacos at Taqueria Mexico in Waltham Massachusetts
I went for two simple tacos, tongue and barbacoa. Both were pretty tasty! I do like their tongue, but as is the case with most tongue I've tried, it could use a tad bit more spice. In my college days I was a vegetarian, so my go-to dish here was the potato quesadilla. It was a cheesy gooey mess of carbohydrates, but damn if it wasn't delicious and filling. I feel like Taqueria Mexico has a good amount of vegetarian friendly fare, including mushroom and squash burritos.
Tacos at Taqueria Mexico in Waltham Massachusetts
Steve had a tongue taco and a torta. I know that I took a bite of the torta, and remembered the bread being spongy and delicious, but I don't remember much about the filling.

Overall, Taqueria Mexico is still as good as the day I graduated college. And if you are ever in the area and are craving Mexican, this is the only place worth going to.

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  1. You've inspired me to cook mexican for tea. I'm so hungry for good guac and chilli right now


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