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Monday, August 12, 2013

Hot Tomato!

Happy Monday everyone! This past weekend was my favorite day in East Nashville- the Tomato Art Festival! Every year streets are closed off around five points for a day full of festivities celebrating our August love, the tomato. I think I heard that about 40,000 people visited our little part of the city this year. I love showing my East Nashville pride.
Steve and I got up super early on Saturday to do the tomato 5k. Although I didn't get my best time ever, for being under-trained and it being the hilliest course known to man, I'm quite pleased with my result. The best part was Steve and I did it together and crossed the finish line holding hands. (AWWW!)
After taking a nice shower and having breakfast, we headed back down to the festival. There were tons of local artists selling their wares, the tomato art show at Art and Invention gallery (where I wanted to buy everything), and a bunch of great bands. Steve's band Scale Model even got to play! It was great to see people walking by and stopping to listen to them. 
There were tons of local food trucks and the opportunity to see a lot of my friends out and about. This event just makes me fall more in love with the city every year. Who cares if it's a million degrees outside? Grab a fan and have some fun!
This is what I wore to the tomato fest. While it isn't the most tomato-y outfit, it was the most appropriate because it was REALLY HOT OUT. It was one those days where the less clothes you wear, the better. I'm amazed you can't see lines of sweat all over me, it was that gross.
This outfit consists of a bunch of really old things. The tank top is probably from high school and the necklace was a college graduation present from a dorm mate. The romper, which is clearly the standout of this outfit, was from the sale rack of Urban Outfitters three or four years ago. Also, I'm pretty sure you are all sick of seeing these boots, but sometimes the old things are the best things, right?
 Tank Top: Really Old
Romper: Urban Outfitters Sale rack ages ago
Necklace: Gift
Shoes: Old Brown Boots


  1. It's the first year that I've missed it in a while..and I was super bummed because I have had my Tomato Fest outfit picked out for months!

  2. I was lucky enough to go to the very first Tomato Art Festival. It's come such a long ways!

    1. It has. I remember it from just 4 years ago and it is way bigger now!

  3. You and Steve sound so freaking cute doing a 5k together. I totally love the idea of a tomato festival too, that is amazing! Love your outfit, that romper is amazing xo

  4. we have never been out for that and every year i say "next year!' it always sneaks up on me! i'm glad you had fun, and that romper is so cute!

    1. Thanks Rae! You should totally stop by next year. There is so many cute things.

  5. Amazing romper, you look cute as can be. I love days like this, sounds super fun. I also love to hear the pride you have for your city!

  6. I like the people who know how to make their life extremely entertaining! Good for you!

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