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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tonight: Farm to Fork Dinner

If my Thursday night wasn't already filled with plans, you'd better believe I would be at the Cumberland River Compact's 3rd annual Farm to Fork dinner. This event helps raise money for Cumberland Compact, as well as awareness about the impact of a clean Cumberland River for local farms. What could be better than supporting our local river and getting some great food!? Not much. Some of the chefs are:

Deb Paquette from Etch
Laura Wilson from The Nashville Farmer's Market
Guerry McComas of the Yellow Porch
Cheese from the Bloomy Rind and Noble Springs Diary
BONUS: Yazoo Bells Bend Preservation Ale and Wine from the Wine Chap

Tickets are still available and can be purchased here. The feast is tonight at 7pm at The Green Door Gourmet. I hope some friends go so they can tell me all about what I missed!

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