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Monday, January 13, 2014

All about your pet's Winter Coat with Petcurean!

When it gets cold out, your pets can't just go to the mall and buy a stylish new jacket to keep themselves warm when the thermometer drops. And given the tremendous cold snap we had last week, I figure now is a perfect time to make sure that your pets are well prepared for the winter. I had the opportunity to talk about winter coats with Petcurean's Pet Nutritionist Michele Dixon and ask all my pet winter coat questions.

Old Red BootsWhat is the difference between a cold weather and a warm weather coat for cats? Why do they change with the season? 

Michele Dixon: The change in season as cold weather approaches, starts the cycle, allowing the cat to grow a thick coat. This coat helps keep heat in and cold air out. As the weather turns warmer, they shed this thick heavy coat.

ORBHow do you know if your cat has a healthy cold weather coat? What should I look for?

MD: A dull, dry lifeless coat, often with accompanying dandruff requires attention, particularly in the form of diet choice. A healthy coat appears thick, bright and shiny, with hydrated skin.

ORB: What can I feed my cat to ensure that they have a healthy cold weather coat? What ingredients should I look for in food?

MD: Omega Oils are especially important for his/her coat, and a balance between Omega 3 and 6 also crucial. As well, because fur is majorly comprised of protein, a good quality recipe such as Petcurean FIT + FREE Chicken, Turkey + Duck which has meat based protein, is essential.

ORBBesides food, is there anything else a cat owner can do to make sure that coats are kept healthy and shiny?

MD: Brushing a minimum of once a week helps stimulate production of oils, and remove shedding hair. Brushing also helps reduce hairballs.

My fur babies have been enjoying their diet of Petcurean's Go Daily Defense formula for the past two months and I have to say that they are looking fabulous in their healthy, shiny winter coats. (Not to mention the fact that they just love the stuff) I mean, look at these faces and just try to tell me they aren't the cutest things ever!

** This post is sponsored by Petcurean but the opinions contained herein are wholly my (and my cats') own. **


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