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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cats: Dirty Kevin

At the end of last summer, a sweet long hair orange started visiting my backyard. At first it was infrequent. I would catch the cat snoozing in my tree or sleeping in my garden bed. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful this cat was. When I went over to pet it, it started purring and following me around the yard. Since then, Dirty Kevin has been a daily fixture in my back yard.

But Dirty Kevin wasn't always known as Dirty Kevin.  At first, I called this cat BabyGirl. Because of the long hair and extreme filth, I thought this was little kitty was a lady. And thus, the erroneous name lasted until a few weeks ago when my mom noticed BabyGirl having "her" way with a gray tabby in the back yard. After further investigation, wouldn't you know it? It's a boy!

I don't believe that Dirty Kevin is a stray. He is always well fed, but poorly cared for. He goes to his owners for food but comes to me for treats and love. The poor guy is always so dirty and matted, and it just breaks my heart that  his owners don't take better care of such a good thing. I just hope this sweetie keeps visiting.

Dirty Kevin joins me for my Sunday morning coffee


  1. Awwuuh whatta cutie!
    And p.s. I love your hair!!

  2. ahah... cuuute! from babygirl to "it's a boy!" :)

    such a sweet cat!



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