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Monday, April 30, 2012

Lemon Yellow

Sorry my posts have been sporadic lately.  I hula-hooped the music city half marathon on Saturday (it went very well) but it was a time intensive process and the week leading up to it was chaos. I'll have more information about the event later this week.

On Saturday night two of my sweet Nashville friends got married. The ceremony and reception was beautiful, and I wish them both the best for a happy life together. I was too tired from the race to take any pictures of my reception outfit, but I was feeling much better the next morning and was able to capture what I wore to the wedding brunch. I was feeling sunny- so I went for one of the brightest summer dresses I own.

The brunch was held at a downtown Nashville hotel that has a rotating restaurant on top. So while I was stuffing my face with waffles (complete with strawberries and whipped cream) we were slowly making our panoramic rotations. According to the staff, the restaurant turns once every 30 minutes.  Nashville is such a pretty city - and even more so from so high up!

Oh and the flowers, courtesy of the bride and groom's leftover centerpieces. Which were beyond beautiful. BEYOND.

Please ignore the gross marathon feet. Thank you.

Shoes: Lucky Penny from Anthro
Glasses: See
All photos by Steve Cross

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