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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

East Nashville Beer Fest

On Saturday I went to the East Nashville Beer Festival.  This was my first time at any beer event and I didn't know what to expect. I wound up enjoying it much more than I originally thought I would.  There were no lines, so no awkward waiting around to get your beer. There was ample shade and delicious food options. Also, the beer. Did I mention the beer? I got to try tons of  varieties I never had- and even surprised myself by enjoying things I thought I hated.

Enjoying Schmaltz Brewing's Funky Jewbilation

Some of the standout beers for me were:

The lack of the step stool makes me very short

I even tried some totally bizarre stuff. The Music City Brewer's group had a jalapeno pepper ale and the mid state brewing association had a sour porter? that tasted like yogurt/goat cheese. 

We had lunch at a (new to me) food truck Blackbird Heritage. It is a farm to table venture where they grow and prepare their own meats. I had a lamb sandwich with pickled red onions and yogurt sauce. One of the freshest food truck treats I've had in a while and not bank breaking at under $10. I'm looking forward to seeing them around this summer.

Happy beer faces

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