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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cats: Sawyer

Today is dedicated to my big fat orange, Sawyer. My lovely (almost) two year old male tabby is the first cat I ever had.  I never had pets growing up (well, no dogs or cats) and I knew as soon as I got my own place I would start a little zoo of my own.  Two weeks after I closed on my house, I drove to Clarksville Animal Control and game home with a tiny lump of love.

Sawyer was named from Sawyer on Lost.  I adopted him the same week that lost went off the air. I figured that he was loud and trapped behind bars- the connection was good enough for me. He was just a Sawyer, not a jack.

So with out babbling much more... may present the Soy Boy.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my Sawyer is SO handsome! My Penelope (who will be 2 in July!) is a ginger kitty too. But she's a little fatty cat with short legs. She looks kinda's true. Anywho...that last photo of you two is the cutest!


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