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Friday, April 6, 2012

Food Friday: Gojo

After a day full of drinking at the East Nashville Beer Fest I wanted one thing.  Ethiopian food. I knew if anything was going to soak up all the beer it would be the deliciously spongy bread, injera.  And as far as I'm concerned this is one Ethiopian place in Nashville, Gojo on Thompson lane.
South Nashville Life
While the service is sometimes slow (takes a long time to get food, to place your order, to pay) the staff is always friendly.  I splurged and ordered a mango juice, they were out, so got guava instead.  It was thick and fruity and just the right mild sweetness. I was pleasantly surprised.
Nashville Scene

I always order the vegetarian combination.  The chef picks 4-5 veggie dishes for your plate.  Usually it includes split peas, chick peas and lentils.  My favorite is the cabbage dish which is thick and buttery and utterly addicting.  I will fight for the last bit of that on the plate.
South Nashville Life

For the meat option we went with the Awaze Tibs, beef cubes cooked with spices, tomatoes and hot peppers.  The meat was hearty and perfectly spiced. A great combination to the smooth spicy lentil dishes.
Kate Dore

Overall, I highly recommend Gojo.  It's great if you aren't in a rush are aren't with a large party (I was there with a group of 20 or so not that long ago and things didn't run super smooth). But if you have time and want the best Ethiopian in Nashville- go.

Also, its BYOB- so how can you lose?

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