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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hooping the Half 2012

This past Saturday, I took to the Nashville streets with over 30,000 other people to participate in the Music City Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. Since I am not athletically inclined, I opted for the half.  This year, just like last year, I trained with the ladies (and man) of Hooping for Hope.  We are just crazy enough to hula hoop while walking the whole time. We aren't fast- we did the race in 3:50, but we are very tough.  You try it!

The race itself went well. We all crossed the finish line together and I'm so proud of everyone on the team.  My favorite part was seeing all the children cheering from the sidelines with hula hoops.  I even left the course a few times to hoop with them! I'm also thankful for the many people who supported us, either as bike support, water stops, cheerleaders or donors. We could not have accomplished this without all your help.

I have met some of the most amazing women through hooping the half. I consider them some of my best friends in Nashville and I am very lucky to have joined such a fun group of kind, thoughtful, and caring women.  Also, I was lucky enough to cross the finish line holding my best friends hand while my boyfriend biked along side of us. How many people can say they had a chance to do that?

 Before the race

13.1 Miles Later.... Jeff and the Baconettes!

The Bow tie Boys of Hooping for Hope!

All smiles and pink bows


  1. Congrats on another half-marathon finished!

  2. Yay! So glad I got to hoop next to you! And thanks to Steve for being our bike support!!


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