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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ice Cream Cone

Well world, I've been silent for a while. After half marathon recovery and a busy commencement season I'm ready to take back to the web in a more regular fashion. And speaking of fashion...

My good friend Vicki had an indoor yard sale last week, and lucky for me Vicki has an amazing collection of vintage clothes (and funky art-but more on that later). I wound up taking a trash bag full of clothes from Vicki's house and I was very please with my purchase.  This dress is one of the vintage pieces I scored from Vicki's sale. The colors are so pastel and sweet, I can't help but think of melting mint and strawberry ice creams.

Oh and the boots were an amazing score as well. I love good shoes, but I honestly don't have $160 lying around to drop on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Cat Litas (WANT SO BAD). So when I get a great deal on an expensive pair of shoes I can hardly hold in my excitement. My favorite place to snag some good deals is the Anthropologie Accessories store. You really have to turn over EVERY shoe and go at just the right time. I scored these $300 danish clogs for $30. I enjoy being a savvy shopper.

 Dress: Vintage (Vicki's Closet)
Shoes: Anthro
Necklace: Forever 21 (old)
Glasses: Costal Contacts

And as an added bonus to me, Mr. Steve Cross took some extra photos of me and tried out some new photoshop filters.  He basically got me to look like I was Instagrammed. I'm loving the colors of these pictures and how flawless he made my skin look.  I'm lucky to have such a talented photographer indulge me.

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