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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kayaking on the Piney

Sunday morning we loaded up the car with more gear than was necessary and we headed to the Piney River for a lazy day of kayaking. The Piney is located off of 40 West about 45 minutes from Nashville.  I have floated down the Piney many times over the past three years. This Sunday was one of the best floats yet!  The water was moving at a nice speed so that my arms didn't get sore and the river wasn't running so fast that I tipped over. A trip where I don't tip over is a successful one. Last year I flipped and lost my pants and had to wear a towel as a skirt.

Our large group (12 people) rented kayaks from Pinewood Canoe and Camp. We were able to reserve kayaks beforehand and it only costs $25 to rent one for a day. Here are some photos of what we saw from the Pinewood website. (I would be crazy to take a camera or a phone on this trip)

Kayaking was a great way to spend a day with friends.  Despite the water being VERY cold, I was encouraged to go in it and I'm proud to say I made it in up to my shoulders. I stayed for a few minutes, but got cold quickly and ran to the shore to dry off in the 90 degree heat.  My favorite river food is beef jerky (this is the only time I eat it) so I made sure to bring a few bags. We managed to finish all of the jerky- with thanks mostly to me.

On the way back toward town, we stopped for dinner at Loveless Cafe. Expect a post on that form of deliciousness soon!

Enjoying a post kayak-ing hoop jam


  1. It sounds like you had such a great time! I've only gone kayaking a couple of times but really loved it! So I cannot wait for it to get warmer here so we can do again!

  2. The hubby and I recently purchased a kayak and I am super excited to start using it! What a beautiful place!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

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