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Monday, June 11, 2012

Pantaloons with Polka Dots

I originally purchased these yellow with purple polka-dot pantaloons for a Halloween costume.  I was going as Ugly Betty and I needed to put together the most loud clashing outfit I could find.  By sheer luck, I found these babies at a vintage booth at the flea market and knew that they had to be mine. I would like to know who designed this "skort" and why. I don't really remember anything like this being fashionable. But hey, I'm happy someone took at risk.

And check out these nails! Nail art is a big trend on fashion blogs right now and I felt that I was out of the loop. I  know, plain blue nails don't actually count as nail art but for me its an accomplishment. I never paint my nails and if I do they rarely turn out well.  I was pleased with the color and it dried flat without immediately chipping.  I'm going to try to keep my nails painted this summer, but because of work it will mostly be boring reds and pinks.

Don't you just love these earrings? My sweet friend and old roommate took a trip to Germany and brought these back for me! She found them at a flea market and I just love that I have something old and beautiful from another country.  Thanks Al!

Pantaloons: Flea Market/vintage
Tank Top: Very Old
Tiger Necklace: Betsey Johnson
Flamingo Ring: Century 21
Earrings: Present from Allison from her trip to Germany!

All photos by Steve Cross

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