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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The "good" pictures from our NY trip- Part 1

These are the photos that Steve took with his camera on one day of our visit to New York City.  We did a lot of walking in extreme heat, but it was worth it. I got to spend time in my favorite public park (The High Line) and get some dim sum in Chinatown and Indian food in the Bowery!



Freedom Tower

Train station in Hoboken

Awesome Subway Stop. Too bad I'm making a pouty face.

Nice Typography in Chinatown



This sign made me giggle.
Tiny Man Statue on the High Line

High Line

High Line

High Line

High Line

High Line

This building makes me dizzy

Hanging with the flowers

I wish every wall was this colorful

The High Line Zoo

My favorite little piece of street art.

More High Line Art

Indian Dinner


***Farmer's Market Wednesday will return next week. Since we were out of town, we are behind on picking up our shares. I will be picking up a full share today to make up for it!***

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  1. Where did you guys eat Indian food? That place looks awesome!


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