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Monday, July 30, 2012

Wisconsin Dairy Farmer

I love going thrifting. Where else in the world can I get a wonderful outfit for less than $5?! I haven't really been on a serious thrifting trip in a while and I was going through withdrawal. Early one Saturday morning Steve and I headed to a suburban Goodwill and I was lucky enough to find this amazing farm skirt. The fabric is so hideous that it's beautiful. The skirt was handmade and has an odd wrap-tie thing in the front. It didn't matter that this skirt was 4 sizes too big.  The price was right and I needed to have it (so I belted it).

The skirt was so busy that I opted for a plain white shirt, an article of clothing that I almost never ever wear. White shirts are just... boring to me. I don't do basics well. So I decided to cover it with this horrible denim vest I got last year at Goodwill.  Add a flower pin (made by my Mom) and an Elvis button and I felt more like myself. I never know when enough is enough so I put on mismatched earrings, a gaudy ring, and a plastic unicorn necklace. I felt like a hot farmer's wife.

Skirt: Thrifted
Vest: Thrifted
T-shirt: Old Navy
Belt: Old, probably the only brown belt I own
Necklace: 25 cent prize
Pony ring: Betsey Johnson
Boots: Old red boots

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  1. You are so lovely and you're officially one of my new favorite people.


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