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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lurking the Interwebs

This might be the best picture I have ever seen. My love for kittens and hula hoops knows no bounds.
These adorable ghost world prints from the lovely Midge at Modern Girl Blitz.  You can get these lovelies at her Etsy shop.
This sweater from Modcloth! I'm really ready for fall and this is the perfect amount of cute! I cannot say no to forest animals.

No fear of wonder Halloween vintage inspired tattooed lady 8x10 print by Amanda Atkins 
 This print from Amanda Adkins.  Jen from Jen Love Kev posted a tour of her daughter's room, and this sweet piece was hanging up. I know I'm not a toddler, but I like it!

 This slight break in the weather has me thinking about sweaters. My favorite types are large cardigans with southwest prints. I have something similar to this in brown and orange, but red and black are different enough, right? 

I've also decided to take part in the lovely letters exchange by Modern Buttercup and Kitty&Buck. Want some sweet snail mail love? Sign up!


  1. Ok, that hula hoopin' kitty picture is great. They all look so happy! And that Modcloth sweater is sweet. Off to check out what the letters exchange deal is about, hope you're having an awesome day!
    ♥ Jana

  2. Thanks for posting the exchange Lauren, I can't wait to get it started :D

  3. Obsessed with the Modcloth sweater! I love jumpers with animals on them.

    <3 Melissa


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