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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Etsy Roundup: Sweater Weather

This week has started to get cold in Nashville. Instead of just running in and out of my car I find myself having to put on a jacket. Because I'm feeling cold and I have a desire to feel cozy (but do it in style) here is a round up of some of my favorite kitschy sweaters from Etsy!
Vintage 90's KNITTED Sweater with ABSTRACT Design . Size (L)
How awesome is this bright mish-mosh of a sweater? Because it features just about every color you can wear it with everything! Although, I am partial to how they styled it in this photo. If only I could get away with cut-offs in the winter!
Vintage 70s Adorable Scottie Dog Novelty Knit Sweater Vest
Everyone likes a sweater with Scottie dogs on it! This also has one of my favorite color combos- teal and orange. Personally, I'm not a fan of the pants (but that's OK they aren't selling those). This would look great over a collared shirt!
Vintage 1980's Sweater/ Mallard Duck/ Novelty Print/ Graphic/ Cobalt Blue/ Knit/ Fall/ Folk Art/ M L
And sticking with our animal theme how about this awesome duck sweater?! Also, what is the deal with really pretty women modeling awesomely ugly sweaters? 'Cause we have yet another cute and stylish model here.
Mary Maxim Vintage Sweater
Every girl needs a sweater with horses on it! But this one is $150 and that is insane. I can get a brand-spaking-new fancy sweater for that price.
Vintage 80's Chunky Knit Sweater/Colourful Mini dress oversized Pullover/
And this pastel baby is fabulous! I've seen so many ladies out there rocking this color palette. I'm sure there are a bunch of bloggers who would turn this into something special!

Do you have a favorite sweater that helps keep you cozy?


  1. That spring sweater is aaaaamazing!

  2. By far my favourite sweater is my Apple sweater! My Dad worked for Apple (well, we called it Macintosh back then) in the 80's, and I have aaallll of his swag from when he worked there. The sweater I am thinking of is black, with brightly coloured letters spelling APPLE on the front, each letter in a different colour. I also have it in white but I like the black sweater better. I tend to wear it around the house in my leggings and moccasins, so comfy!!

    Man, I wish I had a duck sweater like the one pictured here. Too cute. And crazy. Crazy cute.

    1. Can you PLEASE pretty please post a photo of that apple sweater? It sounds amazing. And how cool is it that your Dad worked for Apple? That is hipster cache right there.

  3. That pastel sweater needs to be mine. I love the colours and how long it is.

  4. i love all those animal sweaters, espcially the scotties! the sweaters like that horse one are always so expensive! i can't think of the name right now, but i was trying to find one like the dude wears in the big lebowski for travis but couldn't find ANY under 150 bucks!

    1. Why are they so pricey? Is there that big of a market for Lebowski sweaters?

  5. Aww I love the little Scottie sweater!

    1. Me too. I probably wouldn't be able to rock it as nice as the model does!


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