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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Fort Collins Brewery and Funkwerks

After our trip to New Belgium we stopped in downtown Fort Collins for a quick bite to eat and then we were back on the beer trail. Our next stop was Fort Collins Brewery which was a nice departure from the insanity of the New Belgium tap room. This tap room was smaller, quieter and just plain peaceful.
FCB offers a nice variety of special flights for tasting. Here myself and Alice stare wistfully at the bar while deciding what we want to drink.
It was lovely outside by the time we got our beers so we decided to have a drink on the patio. This is me making the most horrible face when a car alarm started going off. It ruined my tranquil beer moment.

So, on to the beer! I love stouts and porters and FCB offers a seasonal porter flight. Perfect! It came with a Vanilla Porter, Coconut Porter, Mint Chocolate Chip Porter, Double Chocolate Coffee Stout and some beer that Steve picked (the red one).
Clearly we had no problem drinking all these beers. My favorites were the mint chocolate porter and the coconut porter. Mint chocolate is my favorite food combination and I wasn't disappointed by that flavor in beer.
After FCB we took a little trip down the road and ended up at Funkwerks. Besides having a delightfully funny name, they have very Funky beer. This is because they only offer Saison style beers which have a slight tangy yogurt flavor to them.
I totally dig their drunk looking glass mascot.
They stamped FUNK on my hand. I had the FUNK all day.
As this was later in the day, I can't remember exactly all of the beers that we ordered. Their taproom site has a good list of what they offered. I remember trying the Montage, Saison, Tropic King and the Mistral. The others, not so sure. I was pretty beered out by this point. And I was getting sleepy. Day drinking is a tiring proposition.
And just look at this beautiful sunset that waiting for us as we stepped out of Funkwerks. Man, I love Fort Collins.


  1. "Vanilla Porter, Coconut Porter, Mint Chocolate Chip Porter, Double Chocolate Coffee Stout", wow?! Like all my favorite ice creams, but as stouts. Genius. I love the "this is the before, and this is the after" with the empty glasses of that round of tasting.

    1. That is why I like porters in general. They taste more like an after dinner treat than other beers. I really wish that mint chip porter was available locally. I would constantly smell like a drunk girl scout.

  2. 2 things. I agree with Lisa- I am not a huge beer drinker but dessert beers are a different story! Also, I want hand funk

  3. Mint choc chip sounds absolutely amazing! I love that last photo too, what an amazing sunset xo

  4. Oh, I give you props. I honestly don't know if I could handle that many beers in my "old age" - but they look DAMN tasty!

  5. The mint chocolate chip porter would be a must try for me!


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