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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Society6: Steve Cross Photography

I'm going to take this moment and brag on my man for a bit. Steve is a very talented photographer who always takes beautiful photos. During our trip to Colorado, Steve was inspired by the landscape he had a chance to shoot. When he came home, he was determined to open up a shop where he can sell prints of his work. It's something he's been meaning to do for a while, and the beauty of Colorado inspired him to get it going. I'm so proud of him for opening up his Society6 shop! Please stop by and take a look at his work!
Asheville Alley Art Print
Colorado Rocks #7 Art Print 
Asheville Grit Art Print 
Colorado Rocks #10 Art Print

**Check out Steve on Society6**


  1. Beautiful stuff! Man can certainly work that glass like it's nobody's business! ....But it is HIS business... as he does it professionally.....

    I'll see myself out (and over to Society6)

  2. omigod!! I love society6 and have found myself sucked into that vortex many times when looking for a new iPhone case. SO MANY CHOICES!!! I will definitely check out his shop. I think that's awesome. How lucky to have your own personal paparazzi!

  3. Yay! Good luck to your guy on his new shop! Those Colorado pictures are just breathtaking.

  4. That's awesome! His black and white pictures are just amazing.


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