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Friday, June 29, 2012

Food Friday: Mad Donna's

I don't talk about it often, but my favorite meal is probably breakfast. My favorite meal to go out for is brunch and my favorite dish of all time is eggs Benedict. Why am I sharing this? Not sure, as I'm not reviewing eggs Benedict this week. But I am reviewing brunch. There are many brunch places in Nashville and most of them are packed by 10am. On a hot Sunday morning, Steve and I decided to try a place that is famous for the brunch, but one that we had only been to for dinner. We drove the long three blocks and arrived at Mad Donna's. I had only been their for parties upstairs in the loft and drag queen bingo. I pass Mad Donna's twice a day and it was about time we tried the brunch!

When we arrived we noticed the dining room was busy, but a few tables were opening up. We asked the hostess for an estimate and she said five minutes. Not even a minute later a different gentleman told us that the woman we spoke to was not the hostess and it would be a 20 minute wait. 20 minute wait for brunch in Nashville isn't terrible, it just wasn't what we were told or what the open tables suggested. We didn't even wait outside five minutes before we were offered a table. I don't know what kind of confusion was happening at the waitress stand- but I don't care. I got my brunch quicker than estimated.

Mad Donna's has a drinking brunch. They offer a make-your-own bloody Mary bar and a variety of mimosas. On Saturday and Sunday the mimosas are two for one. That sounded right by my wallet so I ordered the peach and Steve got the pineapple. I have to say that I won the mimosa picking contest. Peach just goes naturally better with Champagne. Better luck next time, bubs. The best part was that our waitress was awesome and we got our coffee and drinks right away! I love good service.

Mad Donna's did have a crab cake Benedict on the menu, but the $15 price tag was more than I care to spend on brunch. Also, I'm old fashioned when it comes to bennies and I prefer Canadian Bacon. Instead I opted for the chorizo hash. The eggs on top were cooked perfectly. The yolks were super runny when I cut into them. Eggs need to be runny on hash in order to properly coat the meat and potatoes. A properly cooked egg is one of tastiest things one can eat, so I was already sold on this dish. The potatoes and chorizo were tasty. The waitress said that it was spicy and that Sriracha was added, but I didn't find it that hot. The nice dollop of sour cream on top really added a much needed creamy texture to the dish. The hash was served with a crisp side salad that was a good balance to the heaviness of the main dish.

Steve ordered the Donna's Omelet, which is basically an egg Mexican burrito. I guess he really liked it because all I got was a tiny bite. Since I don't even remember tasting the omlete, I will say that it was uneventful for me, but enjoyable for Steve. I tried the cheese grits that came with it. The flavor was spot on, but the consistency not so much. It was slightly watery and not thick like I prefer.

I have to say that Mad Donna's was an easy brunch place. The wait wasn't terrible, the staff was friendly and the food was good. What more can you ask for on a Sunday morning?
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  1. oh everything looks super yummy and the space is so cozy! :)

  2. wait wait wait, drag queen bingo? how have i never heard of this place! we'll have to check it out.

    1. Yes! It used to be every Tuesday in conjunction with Glee. Not quite sure now! Blogger meet up?

    2. There is one tomorrow! I was just googling "Mad Donna drag queen bingo" to see if I really wanted to go. I'm thinking yes now! I'm Joshua, a food blogger in Murfreesboro, btw!


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